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Water and Air Pollution Analysis of Church Hill, TN

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I need help in conducting brief research on my local community to identify air and water pollution issues (I live in Church Hill, TN. USA). I must reference at least two outside sources. I must Identify climate and topographical factors that (a) intensify air pollution and (b) help reduce air pollution. What sources of water pollution can I identify (this is one of my issues)? How are people and the environment affected by the physical and economic effects of the air and water pollution? I must use citations of original works within the paper must follow APA guidelines.

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Topographical factors that affect air pollution. Sources of water pollution. Effects of pollution on the human population.

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The main control on air pollution in most US locations are weather fronts. Cold fronts bring cooler, cleaner air from Canada and therefore alleviate air pollution. On the other hand, terrain can cause inversion layers which exacerbate the problem. The warm air layer acts like a blanket on the smog layer, preventing it ...

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