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    Components and benefits of a Marine Ecosystem

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    What major ecological and economic benefits are provided by marine ecosystems? How do human activities threaten aquatic systems? What are the three major life zones in an ocean? Be specific in your answer, distinguishing between coastal zone and open sea and estuary and coastal wetland.

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    We share the world with many other species of plants and animals and must consider the consequences of our actions. Increasing human activity has rapidly destroyed or polluted many ecological habitats throughout the world. It is important to preserve all types of biomes as each contains many unique forms of life. However, the continued exploitation of biomes, such as aquatic, may have more severe implications.
    Aquatic biomes are probably the most important of all the biomes, because water is the basis of life, it supports life, and countless species live in it for all or part of their lives. Freshwater biomes supply us with our drinking water and water for crop irrigation. The world's oceans have an enormous effect on global climate. First, the earth is mostly covered with water, which has a high capacity for heat, and second the temperature of the atmosphere is kept close to constant enabling life support. The oceans contain several photosynthetic planktons, which account for most of the photosynthesis occurring on Earth. Without these, oxygen may not support the growing human population and animal kingdom.

    Fishing without using best management practices and intentional and unintentional pollution have threatened our oceans ...

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    The major benefits, threats and description of a marine ecosystem are discussed and described in detail.