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Assessment of Student Interests

How do you assess your students' knowledge, interests, and background? Post an example of an instrument that you have used to assess students' characteristics. Provide a reference or link to the assessment. In your posting, describe how you have used the information in making instructional decisions.

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I use a few different things to assess my students' background and interests. I ask them complete two learning style inventories at the beginning of the year that are linked to a Google spreadsheet. I can then use this information when it comes to planning out lessons: is most of the class visual learners and will do well with reading and PowerPoints? Are most auditory and we'll need to read aloud and lecture? Or are most kinesthetic and will do better with hands-on activities? You can also differentiate the learning for students ...

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In this solution, I discuss how I assess student background and interests, as well as learning styles, and how I incorporate this information into my planning and teaching.