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Business Presentation Examples with Excessive Technology and Distracting Visual Aids

Sometimes, technology and visual aids can be more of a distraction than a helpful component to a presentation. Can you think of a popular example of this from the real world (focus on a business presentation)? If so, how could it be changed to be more effective?

Also note that I need at least 3 citations in the text as well as full reference list.

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Today visual aids are frequently used by business people with the development of advanced presentation tools. Wisely used visual aids can impress our audience and make our presentations memorable. "Of all the information absorbed, 75% comes visually and only 13% comes from hearing. The remainder comes from taste, touch, and smell. Therefore, when an audience can see as well as hear the information, their attention, comprehension, and retention are greatly enhanced" (Lopez M.). On the other hand if visual aids are poorly selected, inadequately done and if we are unable to clarify our messages, reinforce our major points, stimulate our audience, work well in the physical setting and combine our visual and oral presentation successfully, they will probably distract people from what we are saying.

Recent studies show that people ...

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This solution discusses incorporating technology and visual aids appropriately in business presentations in 528 words with three references.