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Managerial Communication and Technological Advancement

1.What specific technological advancement within the last 30 years has changed managerial communication? Comment on its benefits and drawbacks.

2.Explain how speakers who make presentations using visual aids should handle the following aspects of their presentations:

* Eye contact
* Stance
* Voice
* Transition
* Timing
* Technology

Please cite references used.

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1. The personal computer is the most specific technological advancement within the last 30 years to have changed managerial communication. Benefits: The computer allows managers to communicate through e-mail, computer-based telephone, facsimile, and videoconferencing. It increases the potential for communication within the organization, and gives management tighter control. It enables managers to make presentations, and trainings to their employees, as well as information sharing with employees and other managers. It can be used in virtually every profession. Drawbacks: Computers, and the software ...

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A description of technological advancement in managerial communication, and visual aids used in presentations.