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High Technology Marketing in non-technological environments

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What are some considerations in marketing a high-technology product that are significantly different from marketing in non-technological environments, and how are these considerations impacting organizational response?

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//Before scripting about the 'high technology marketing in non-technological environments', we will discuss about the main considerations for the high- tech products. Then, we will discuss about the comparison of customer focus and managerial focus considerations.//


Both technological and market conditions are speedily changing with the dynamic environment. High tech products involve greater customer education and more product information and knowledge as they are more complex. Firms that producing high tech products, target market is a critical factor for them. Balancing product features and customer requirements is the main task.

High-Tech Products in non-technological environments

High technological products involve innovations, advancement and unique features that aid ease of operations. This benefits customers and attracts them towards high tech products. Customers focus on features of the product and value of the product in terms of satisfaction. The high-tech marketer should be familiar with the customer's problems. (Moore, 1999)

Customer Focus versus Managerial Focus

Customer Focus

Managerial Focus



Consequences, values


Ease of operation

Ease of production

Unique qualities

Unique technologies ...

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