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Modifying the US tax code

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The US tax code should be modified to include a federal tax credit of $10/MWH of wind energy production.

Just set up main points, I did some of the work and like to get help to add more info.

1- Support it:

**When you assigned to support a proposal, you should prepare an oral presentation with accompanying powerpoint file. You should provide adequate background so that the audience understands the proposal and its impacts. Your should inform the audience of the status of any relevant engineering and science that supports the proposal; you should be prepared to address any work that does not support the proposal. You should expose the assumptions that are made; the relevant players in the decision making process; and the political, social, legal, etc. setting within which the decision is being made. You should make a compelling case for the citizenry to support the proposal.

2- Do not support the proposal (explain also).

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The United States tax code which should be modified to include a federal tax credit is determined. The support to propose is given.

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