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    E-Commerce Evaluation

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    Critique the current e-commerce program and activity. In a 3- to 4-page evaluation, summarize the program and give SPECIFIC areas that are not working and how your improvements (outlined below). You will also need to point out how your competitors are utilizing e-commerce as well; this is critical because it will set up the rationale for your program. This section should outline the specific reasons you are moving forward.

    In other words, if we increase our e-commerce program, we will improve sales in this area or with this market group; OR perhaps you have to keep up with the competition, as they are increasing their market share through an online environment; OR you can justify it with a COST SAVINGS approach. Utilizing e-commerce, we are saving X. Any or all of these examples can be used, but you need to justify and present specific and quantitative analysis. Refer to attached powerpoint for further information.

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    Developing a plan to venture into the e-commerce world is essential to ensure the success of your company. As a small specialty business that produces a specific product, reaching the target markets is going to be essential to ensure success. In order to do this they need to position ...

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