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E-commerce unit

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Outline the formal documents needed to launch the new e-commerce unit: the executive summary, business description, operations plan, financial plan, marketing plan, and competitor analysis. Outlines should consist of the following:

? Thorough lists of the document contents
? Brief descriptions of each part of the document

? Support each step with research, such as examples and case studies.
? Format your paper according to APA standards.

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Launching a New E-Commerce Unit

Executive Summary
E-Commerce is considered as the electronic business, which is conducted through the help of online. In this business format, processes of organizations are transformed to offer added customer value with the help of computing paradigm, technologies and philosophies of the new economic environment (Boone & Kurtz, 2006). 'Buying- selling' transactions are performed through the help of internet in E-Commerce format of business organizations. E-Commerce normally assesses customer services, required inventory control and access to globalization (Business-to-Business E-Commerce Basics, 2005).
Through the help of E-Commerce models, it is easy for the companies to align their external and internal data processing system in a more effectual manner, which further aid them to perform their trade in harmony with their suppliers (Boone & Kurtz, 2006). In order to launch a new e-commerce unit, it is necessary for the organization to collect some document and get some licenses.
Business Description
Before launching a new e-commerce unit it is necessary for the firm to understand the nature of the business and the management should have a detailed document about the activities and products and services of the company (Business-to-Business E-Commerce Basics, 2005).This document also includes the development of basic concept and how this unit will
For example, before introducing the e-commerce unit the management of Dell Inc. has prepared a file, which includes the activities of the company, benefits of the e-commerce unit for the organization as well as for the customers. The management has included some basic thing such as internet sales, evaluation of benefit, increases in the number of customers, etc. (Boone & ...

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The expert outlines the formal documents needed to launch a new e-commerce unit. The executive summary, business description, operations plan, financial plan, marketing plan, and competitor analysis are examined.

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E-commerce Unit

Please help with some thoughts and ideas so that I can complete the following:

A virtual team now has the task of launching a new e-commerce unit.

? Write a response that accomplishes the following:

o Explain how new social media tools may be used to distribute messages to consumers and clients.
o Explain how to determine the best tools to use in specific situations.
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? Security concerns, such as identity theft
? Credibility, maintaining trust and honestly in marketing and advertising, product reviews, and comments
? Privacy and sharing private information without consent
? Maintaining reputation

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