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    Network Software Testing

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    Part 1

    Establish a testing process for your E-commerce business network (any E-commerce business). Describe the steps you will take in the testing process. The following can serve as guidelines:

    Which software package provides each service?
    For each service, develop a test to verify that it is working. How will you check whether the tests are valid?

    Part 2

    Describe the steps you have taken for the testing process.
    Describe in detail your communication plan.

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    E-commerce is the interesting topic of the networking part. Before describing the testing process for the E-commerce it is important to know the meaning of the E-commerce. E stands for the electronic which is equal to the E in the Email Strategy. As the Electronic mail is used for sending the mail from location to another location same as the E- Commerce which is used for doing the business online. Through the E-Commerce we can sell purchase or bid the item online or marketing of the item online. Today the e-commerce facility is being used for the promotion of item also. The software package, which is used for network testing for the E-commerce, can be the

    The various type of the testing for the E-commerce can be of the white box testing, black box testing, validation testing Unit testing and ...

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