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    Sample HTML Design for WPTV

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    Please address the blue bullet points in the attachment according to the following criterion:

    - Design of the WPTV Web site
    - Effective presentation of information via the design of the WPTV Web site
    - Errors/bugs found on evaluation of Web site
    - Use of colors, white space, links
    - The web site runs on a web server
    - Site attractiveness and ease of navigation

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    Integrated IS (Internet/Electronic commerce) strategy for WPTV, a public TV station

    Purpose of the WPTV:

    WPTV Mission Statement
    An online TV station that features quality programming

    WPTV Vision Statement
    A prime TV station churning out quality programming that helps and educates.

    A summary of the current business processes
    WPTV is a public TV station currently maintaining a database of donations running on the station's local area network. WPTV intends to utilize the power of the Internet in programming marketing and reaching more donors online.


    - The WPTV strives to be the leading television station with digital presence on the World Wide Web.
    - A profitable public TV station earning profit from online operations

    Analysis of the current state in the area of e-commerce

    E-commerce presence today is characterized by the type of clients the company targets. Dvorak and Kriz (2006) mentioned that e-commerce is made up by a complex of links between individual participants in the given commercial (see the figure in the attached document file).

    E-commerce transaction can be from a.) an existing business dealing with existing businesseses, b.) from business directly to consumers, c.) from consumers to existing businesses, or d.) online consumers dealing with online consumers also.

    The e-commerce model appropriate for WPTV will be both B2B and B2C. In terms of programming, it can target the businesses and consumers. In like manner, both models can be applied when soliciting donations online.

    Utilization of e-commerce in the business sphere

    To fully utilize both B2B and B2C models, WPTV has to established itself by utilizing the seven dimensions of an e-commerce strategy as suggested by Pearson Education (2012).

    The Seven Dimensions of an E-commerce Strategy comprises four positional factors and three bonding factors:

    The four positional factors are Technology, Service, Market, and Brand.
    The three bonding factors are Leadership, Infrastructure, and Organizational learning.

    How the Seven Dimensions operate is illustrated in the attached diagram (see the attached file):

    For WPTV to succeed in online activities, it must integrate and bond its technology, brand, service and market like a well-oiled machine. This is only possible by bonding them with the elements of leadership, infrastructure, and organizational learning.

    Formulation of the e-commerce strategy

    The Website Design
    The design must be as simple as possible so that users will not be ...

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