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    Rococo Movement

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    This posting briefly (approx. 250 words) describse the characteristics of the Rococo movement in 18th century France in terms of the architecture, art, and design that was created - include at least two specific examples of works. Where did the movement get its name? How does it compare to the movements immediately leading up to and following it?

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    Please allow some of my notes to help:

    First, as you describe the characteristics of the Rococo movement in terms of the architecture, art, and design, please note that this genre uses nature as a guide. The use of harmony between humans and nature is also a common trait.

    As you look at social and political connections, please note that Rococo style was considered a refined and elegant extension of the Baroque style. It was also a way for French genre painting of the period to react to the Baroque style. Rococo exhibits an overall grace and playfulness as an extension of Baroque. This style also uses ...

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