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Java Solution That Implements a DVD Database

Dear Dr. Yupei Xiong -

You helped with the solution of the original Java application to implement a Merchant database, and I am hoping that you can help me update the solution with a new Java application to implement a workout/exercise DVD database, please.

I have attached a Java application with 4 functional requirements that accesses and implements a Merchant database, but I need it modified to perform 7 functional requirements on a DVD database that can be executed from links on a simple HTML page. The application will access a workout/exercise DVD database (DVD_Database.txt) that I will provide and, for the purpose of this demonstration, the database will just be a small text file of DVD records, and the new application must provide the following functional requirements:

1. DISPLAY (with an option to PRINT) all DVD records in alphabetical order based on title.

2. FIND or search for DVD(s) based on keyword or identifier in DVD record and return found records in a tabular format with headings.

3. SORT displayed DVD records based on field headings.

4. INSERT or add new DVD records to the database.

5. REMOVE or delete DVD records from the database.

6. EDIT or modify existing DVD records in the database (file).

7. QUIT and return to main menu or QUIT and properly close files from main menu.

PROVIDED (attached):

1. I am providing the old Java application files that implement the old Merchant_Database.txt (i.e.,,,, Merchant_Database.txt) that allows merchant records to be added, removed, looked up and the resulting database to be displayed using a menu. This old solution consists of the following 3 classes:

- The attached "" that implements the "Cloneable" and Comparable interfaces.
- The attached "" class.
- And "" that contains the "main" method that provides a user the menu of choices.
- Also, the attached file named Merchant_Database.txt contains sample records of the "merchant's name", "number of orders", and "rating".

2. And I am attaching the new DVD_Database.txt (Double-spaced delimited) file for the new application.


1. The new Java application files that perform the 7 functional requirements outlined above on the attached DVD_Database.txt.

2. Simple, sample HTML page(s) with links to demonstrate the 7 functional requirements of the new Java application.


1. Please feel free to modify or change code, files, names, fields, etc., as necessary to correct problems or improve application design model.

2. FieldNames in order from left to right in the DVD_Database.txt file are Title, Name, Genre, Price, Rating.

3. The application should contain appropriate try and catch blocks for possible exceptions.

4. After the application successfully executes a transaction, it should return to the main menu so that the user can perform additional transactions or exit.

5. The MAIN MENU should contain numbered options for the types of transactions listed above and an option to allow the user to EXIT the application.

6. Again, the attached old file named Merchant_Database.txt contains sample records of merchant's "name", "number of orders", and "rating".

7. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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