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    Implements a method that receives an array parameter

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    Write a program that implements a method that receives an array parameter and sorts that array using the bubble-sort algorithm. The bubble-sort algorithm makes several passes through the array. On each pass, successive neighboring pairs are compared. If a pair is in decreasing order, its values are swapped: otherwise, the values remain unchanged. The technique is called a bubble sort because the smaller values gradually "bubble" their way to the top.

    The algorithm may be described as follows:

    boolean changed;


    changed = false;

    for(int i = 0; i < list.length - 1; i++){

    if(list[i] > list[i + 1]){

    swap list[i] with list[i + 1];
    changed = true;

    Continue to properly document your source code. Write this program as if you were explaining it to someone new to arrays. Fully document your code in such a way newcomers to Java will understand and be able to implement a Java array.

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    The solution implements a method that receives an array parameter using the bubble sort technique.