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    Impact of XML, Limitations of HTML !

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    Identify two differences between web design and object-oriented programming, and explain the limitations of HTML and why XML was developed.

    Based on the attached article "Web Design Programs and Tools" by Geoff Keston (2007), what are some of the web standards and protocols that one will see when XML is fully implemented?

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    Question - 1.
    Identify two differences between Web design and object-oriented programming and explain the limitations of HTML and why XML was developed.
    Answer -
    The 2 differences between Web design and object oriented programming are given below -
    a. Web Design and OOPS are completely separate terms. Web designing refers to the process of designing a webpage or other stuff related to web, whereas OOPS are the principles used to do programming/coding of an application.
    b. Web Designing mainly involves practices that helps in creating the UI of the application/website, whereas OOPS mainly deals how that UI is working behind the scenes, in other words OOPS ...

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