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E-Commerce Marketing using Three Articles

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Task: Use three articles about e-commerce marketing to produce a minimum 1.5 page research paper (APA format). Discuss your opinion on the topic and refer to the articles to support your findings.

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This solution provides summaries for three articles about e-commerce. The student can use this information as a guide to compile their own paper with their own ideas drawn from this information. This solution is 400 words and includes reference information for the three source articles.

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Cyber Monday benefits of e-commerce and marketing are addressed by Bligh in his e-commerce and marketing research with the virtual company Cooking.com. Blight presents his findings in "a case study that is presented for the internet company Cooking.com, which sells kitchenware and provides recipes and software solutions for other electronic commerce (e-commerce) websites. As the company grew to include more e-commerce offerings, it began looking for a marketing solution that would allow it to determine when to send emails to customers on busy shopping days like Cyber Monday. Email solutions company StrongMail, offered onsite management and email marketing and deployment solutions".

Cyberpsychology also validates the beneficial relationship between e-commerce and ...

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