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e-Commerce Marketing

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Would like content from recent articles about e-commerce marketing. Please cite at least three(3) sources. 400 words discussing your viewpoint on the topic and refer to the content from the articles to support your findings. If you have any questions please ask, thank you in advance for your help.

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A critical aspect of e-commerce is in guiding potential customers to the website. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is of paramount importance in attracting customers. There is a need to make searches easier and more natural for potential customers, so that customers will be able to locate the products or services they wish to purchase. According to the article "E-Commerce 101: How to Get Started with SEO For Your Products on Amazon", a keyword-rich description is a must. The article also has a useful tip about e-commerce--when selling on Amazon, include your listing on various websites, blogs and forums to improve traffic to your listing as well as visibility.

Popular search engines such as Google crawl and index the data over time, and being high on the list of Search Engines Results Page (SERP) is important if sales are desired. According to "6 Ways to ...

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This solution summarizes cited content about e-Commerce marketing, giving particular attention to SEO, SER and sales.