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Berners-Lee & e-Commerce

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Explain Tim Berners-Lee's contributions to e-Commerce. Analyze how those contributions have played a part in the growth of this field.

Analyze how e-marketing has changed the World Wide Web.

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Tim Berners-Lee contributions to e-commerce are big. He invented World Wide Web, so you could say without him, e-commerce wouldn't exist. From there, he has been a part of shaping the web and different applications. Most recently he is using ways to organize information to make it easier for users to digest- this is a project for the UK goverment (https://www.xing.com/net/ecomwriteracademic/news-152960/tim-berners-lee-unveils-government-data-project-29222622/) and is currently being used to offer the public better access to official data. The ...

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This solution explains Tim Berners-Lee's contributions to e-Commerce, and analyzes how these contributions have played a part in the growth of this field. It also analyzes how e-marketing has changed the World Wide Wide. It includes links and examples.

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