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Evaluating eCommerce in a brick and click organization

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How do i evaluate the use of eCommerce in a brick and click organization?

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A brick and click organization utilizes the best of both worlds, so to speak. These are organizations that have integrated online sales within a physical location. In many cases, the customer can place their order for merchandise online and then pick the merchandise up at their closest store location. Walmart is a good example that makes use of this form of e-commerce. Customers can place orders for almost any product online and have it delivered to their local Walmart Super Center. By doing so, the customer saves on shipping charges to their home because the products are transferred between stores at no cost to the customer. To evaluate the use of e-commerce in a brick and click organization, the focus would be on how effectively the customers are able to place an order and pick it up at their retail ...

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The expert determines how to evaluate the use of eCommerce in a brick and click organizations. E-Commerce is examined.

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