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    Use of Powerpoint in meetings and briefing

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    (1) Read this article from The New York Times:
    "We have met the enemy and he is PowerPoint."


    This link appears on 2 lines but should fit onto one line of your browser with no breaks. Here is an abbreviation if you prefer:


    (2) Write a letter to the editor, using the 5 paragraph essay format or another persuasive, logical style. Your letter should take a stand. You could either (1) agree with the article's premise; you would argue that Powerpoint is overused and/or wrongly used. OR (2) you can disagree. You might argue that Powerpoint is an effective communication. strategy and/or management tool.

    Focus on ONE setting: corporate OR military. Keep your focus simple and straightforward.

    Your paper goes like this:

    (1) Statement of what you want to argue;

    (2) 2-4 logical reasons supporting your point, each logically discussed in one paragraph;

    (3) identify and respond to at least one point that might be raised to disagree with you;

    (4) conclude without repeating, "I did x and then I did y..." Your conclusion should pull these diverse thoughts together in a new and interesting way.

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    The Editor
    New York Times

    Dear Editor:

    The article entitled "We have Met the Enemy and He is Powerpoint" published in your website is an eye opener for everybody. Concerns raised like ""PowerPoint makes us stupid", "spaghetti graphic", "PowerPoint is to blame for mistakes in the current wars", and "death by PowerPoint" are gauge that Powerpoint as a tool in communication has been abused and misused. 

    Powerpoint slides as shown in the article during a military briefing exemplifies how ...

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    This preparation of a letter arguing that Powerpoint is overused and/or wrongly used but it can also be an effective communication.