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    Technology and visual aids can be a distraction in a presentation. Give an example.

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    Sometimes, technology and visual aids can be more of a distraction than a helpful component to a presentation. Can you think of a popular example of this from the real world (focus on a business presentation)? If so, how could it be changed to be more effective?

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    I have attended many meetings where the material has been diluted in a power point presentation with the result that the informational dissemination has taken an hour rather than the ten minutes that are really required to read it and digest it. Meeting effectiveness seminars teach that an effective meeting is an interactive meeting. However, polling attendees of business meetings, one finds that a great many meetings are passive where a presentation is sat through and little new is taken from the session. PowerPoint presentations tend to promote this passive interaction in direct opposition to the stated goal of engaging the audience. It is suggested that if the point of the gathering is to disseminate information it might be better to make the information ...

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