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    Ensuring Meetings are Productive, Effective, and Achieve Goals

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    Basically, this solution will provide a detailed description of how meetings will be conducted effectively, from determining the need for a meeting, developing meeting agenda, opening the meeting, up to evaluating the overall effectiveness of the meeting conducted.

    With due consideration of the guideline provided through this solution, meetings will be cost-effective. Instead of considering it as a waste of time, target participants will look forward to meetings called by the management. The bottom line is high level of organizational effectiveness.

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    This solution will provide a basic and practical guideline for leaders and managers in holding meetings with various employees, sections, groups, or units within the organization. Since many meetings conducted end up unproductive and often considered as waste ...

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    Meetings are often held by heads of units, sections, or departments in organizations. While holding meetings would mean use of company resources ( e.g. time, effort, and money), they end up unproductive and demoralizing on the part of the attendees. With the use of the guide provided in this solution, meetings will end up being cost-effective.