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    Effective Team Leadership

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    1) Describe the competencies needed by team members in order for the team to be successful and how they contribute to a team's success. Why is it important for team leaders to understand these competencies?

    2) Define the necessary steps leaders should take to ensure effective meeting management for successful teams. Be sure to describe how a team leader can function as a coach and as a facilitator

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    Team members need to possess the necessary skills and qualities (technical competencies) to achieve the objective of the team. They also need to have the ability to work well with others (personal competencies).
    Each member of a team needs to have technical competencies as this is a requirement. They need to have sufficient knowledge and skills to perform their roles properly. It is necessary that they have the qualities and abilities in identifying, addressing and resolving issues within the team and with people who are not members of their team.
    Competent team members have the essential skills and abilities to accomplish their tasks. They have very strong desire to contribute and they work hard to achieve the team's goals. They are capable of ...

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    Competences required of team members and its relation to the success of the team's goals are examined. The expert determines how to run effective meetings. The solution is 547 words with two (2) non-APA references.