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Terrorism Briefing & Notes

The chief of police calls the local college president of a well-respected university, asking for an overview briefing on terrorism to be conducted at the university. The aim of this briefing is to keep the students informed of the status of terrorism and the efforts being made by the government to curb terrorism. The college president chooses you to conduct the briefing, since you are an ex-student of the university.

The briefing should be a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes an overview of terrorist events, a definition of terrorism and community, and information about terrorist tactics. You also need to address the DHS strategy and what the local police have done since 9/11 to make the area more secure.

I have to include instructor notes and I don't know what this is.

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I have provided five slides and the notes, which are those more detailed information notes at the bottom of the slides. I will leave it to you to provide the references and to identify specific ...

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The solution is a sample Powerpoint presentation of five slides and accompanying notes on the topic of terrorism for an academic and law enforcement audience. Terrorism as a topic is defined and elaborates on terror tactics as well as the effect of terrorism on communities in relation to the measures undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement to address the threat of terrorism for the purpose of making the community secure.