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Cultural Barriers

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I need find a multi-national corporation or international non-profit agency that has encountered cultural barriers. what cultural barriers did the organization encountered and what did its managers did to try to overcome those barriers.

I also would like the web site to use for additional reference.

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I did some research and found a company that has faced cultural barriers and issues. The company is MNC. This company operates in foreign countries and has faced many boundaries. The company deals with stock trading.

Here are some websites where you can obtain in depth information about the issues they faced and are still facing:


Establishing consistent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) internationally begins with a consistent and clear understanding of issues of culture and religion present in areas of new growth. Such an education would preempt local security risks involving issues of religion and culture, help foster regional economic and political stability, prevent embarrassing international divestments, and allow Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) to retain the image of conscientious international partners in the eyes of their home countries.

The newest and largest security threat facing MNCs today is religion-based terrorism. This terrorism, violent and random in nature, can cause vast disruptions in international trade and communications. September 11, 2001 not only marks the death of thousands of international trade workers, it also marks the largest disruption in national and international communication and transportation in history. Cellular and landline telephony and the internet suffered massive traffic jams as millions used these technologies to contact friends and relatives. International transportation into and out of the United States was almost brought to a halt for weeks as the US ...

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Corporations and non-profit agencies that have encountered cultural barriers in today's society.

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