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    PowerPoint presentation

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    Give two examples where it would be appropriate to create a PowerPoint presentation to convey information to a group of people working in the field of law. Provide specific examples of possible presentations identifying who the group would be, the topic of the presentation, and why a PowerPoint presentation would be appropriate. If you would use sound in the presentation, tell us what type of sound would be used and why it would be appropriate to include it.

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    1). Example one:

    Use a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the basics of PowerPoint to a group of lawyers.

    Topic: "PowerPoint Basics to Lawyers"
    The targeted audience is a group of lawyers.
    Why use PowerPoint: it is obviously appropriate to use PowerPoint itself to create a presentation to introduce PowerPoint to lawyers. PowerPoint presentation may be often used in the courtroom to present evidence and argument to the jury. The benefit of using PowerPoint to make a presentaion includes;
    1. Help your audience focus.
    Used to support the presentation material, PowerPoint can provide a visual outline of your content and help audience focus their attention on what is being said.

    2. Make content visual.
    One of the best reasons to use PowerPoint is the ability it gives you to present content in a qualitatively ...

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