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PowerPoint Presentation on Ghana's Economy

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I am looking for assistance with putting together a PowerPoint slide for a strategic plan.

The PowerPoint presentation should reflect the following:

Introduction (Cover slide)
• Purpose (Reason for the Presentation)
• Country Summary (Brief synopsis of the country and why the business is viable)
• SWOT Analysis
• Proposal (Derived logically from the SWOT analysis
• Details of Proposal: (FDI, trade barriers, etc.)
• Projected Cash Flow Analysis
• Strategic Plan (3-5 year sequential Implementation Plan)
• Issues (problems that may arise)
• Benefits (A reminder of the benefits of the project)
• Controls (How and when the progress toward the completion will be reported)

I have done significant research but need assistance with communicating it effectively in slide format as well as creating a SWOT and Strategic Plan.

Information should be in PowerPoint format.

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Hope you are well.

A template PowerPoint presentation is attached for review on assistance for creating a presentation entailing a strategic plan in global business entry in Ghana. Keep in mind; the main objective for the PowerPoint presentation is to showcase core direct points of reference as well as interests to communicate effectively to the audience. Thus, the focus is on the country's background economy landscape, which, the ...

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The review into global placement in a Powerpoint Presentation for management to consider entering into Ghana's economy marketplace.

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