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    best practices for an online presentation

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    Please share your best practices for an online presentation including any PowerPoint or executive summary points.

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    Advances in web conferencing software have made it possible to deliver your presentation over the Internet. While the online setting might feel a little more relaxed because participants are in remote locations, the need to give information or come to agreement is still as important.

    Preparing for an effective online presentation is a little different, however. If you're sending out links as part of your presentation, you want to make sure they work. PowerPoint is an excellent tool to use for your presentation, but remember computer screens are smaller than projection screens, so your color choices should reflect the smaller area.

    One way to make your online presentation truly engaging is to integrate audio or video into the presentation. For sales and marketing presentations, this is a great format for demonstrating more about the product or service you're pitching. It also helps to keep audience attention, which is important as computers may not be as engaging as a speaker.

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    Best practices for an online presentation