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Input for a project Strategic Management Bluckbuster

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Blockbuster is my case to review, need to provid any information about the case in general, but definitely following the General Outline for an Oral Presentation e not asked to do the entire outline. Here is the part of the outline that i'm trying to complete

1. Situation Analysis

a. General Environmental Analysis

b. Industry Analysis

c. Competitor Analysis

d. Internal Analysis

2. SWOT Analysis

The case involves evaluating Blockbuster in it's current state. the objective of the presentation would be to create a strategic plan to save the company.
Some items of discussion
-Porters Five Forces
-Resources both tangible and intangible
-Sustainable Competitive Advantage
-Cycle Markets

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Situation Analysis

Currently Blockbuster is the market leader with approximately 35% of market share. They have over 6000 stores amoungst the US, outlying territories and other countries. There are over 35,000 employees and 5.2B in revenue. (REFERENCE:

Current Trends in the Marketplace

Blockbuster is experiencing a decline in revenue coupled with an increase in ...

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An input for a projects strategic management bluckbuster is examined.