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Strategic Plan: Work Breakdown schedule and Gantt

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Using MS-Project, create a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) and Gantt chart for the new Team strategy including objectives, functional tactics, action items, milestones, tasks, resource allocation, and deadlines.

Implementation Plan for Team Strategic Plan

- WBS (Ms-Project)
- Gantt Chart (Ms-Project)
- Milestones (Ms-Project)
- Task (Ms-Project)
- Resources Allocation (Ms-Project)
- Deadlines (Ms-Project)
- Objectives (Ms-Word)
- Functional Tactics (Ms-Word)
- Action Items (Ms-Word

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Implementation Plan for Team Strategic Plan

The implementation plan can be defined as the plan that carries out the execution, practice for plan, method, and design to effectively implement the plan. The management of Kudler has selected the strategic plan that has the comprehensive and realistic growth capabilities for the company. The strategic plan selected by Kudler offers the opportunity to expand their business in that area where presently it doesn't have its operation facility. Once a strategic plan has been selected for the implementation, the management can develop a plan for effectively implementation of the strategy (Kerzner 2009). The various points are considered in implementation of strategic plan like development of the work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt chart for properly manage the project through all phases.

It is also consider to clearly defining the objectives, functional tactics, action plan, milestones, tasks, resources allocation, and deadlines. The implementation plan will be divided into four phases and each phase will include the tasks and milestones. The WBS and Gantt chart both are used in implementation plan that will include objectives, tasks, milestones, resource allocation, deadlines, and action items (Kerzner 2009). The WBS is helpful to create the Gantt chart that ensures the timeline for each phase for implementation of strategic plan. The implementation plan for Kudler has several factors some of them are as below -

The main objective of the management is to implement the strategic plan in order to achieve the comprehensive and realistic growth. The other objective is to properly manage all the phase ...

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The expert examines the strategic plan for implementation teams. A work breakdown schedule and Gantt chart is provided.

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