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Scatter Plot Associations

2) On the axes below, sketch a scatter plot described:

a. a strong negative association
b. a strong association but r is near 0
c. a week but positive association

3) Of all Presidents since WW11, Jimmy Carter suffered the worst overall approval rating at 45%. George W. Bush's approval rating varied widely. It reached a high of 90% just after 9/11, but in mid-July 2004, it stood at 49% as measured by CNN/USA today/Gallup poll of 1000 randomly selected adults. Is there evidence to suggest that Bush's July 2004 rating reflects higher public approval than the 45% that Jimmy Carter averaged over his presidency?

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This solution is provided in an attached .xls file. It includes scatter plots for each of the associations and briefly states the hypothesis, z-statistic, and conclusion in regards to whether Bush's rating is better than Jimmy Carter's.