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scatter plot & least squrares regression line

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See the attached file.
a. Create a scatter plot of the data. Do you think that there is a linear relationship between number of kilometers traveled and the number of cars?

b. Find the least-squares regression line for the data. Interpret the value of the slope.

c. Does the intercept make sense for these data? Why or why not?

d. Plot the regression line on the same plot with the data. Does the line make you feel confident about predicting travel as a function of the number of cars?

e. Use the regression line to predict the number of kilometres traveled for Sweden and Japan. How well do the predictions agree with the original data?

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The solution creates a scatter plot and determines the least squares and regression line.

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See the attached file.

To prepare enter the data on excel and then select the data and hit chart. after creating the scatter plot , go to chart in the menu ...

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