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    Feminist School of Law

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    I really need your help i dont understand any of the topics listed, you can choose the one you know the best to help me in my studies. Thank you:
    Jurisprudence is the science and philosophy of law, there are several schools of jurisprudence. There are 7 school of law, i have to choose: 1 out 7 topics and write about it?
    There are: Positivist Scool, sociological school, american realist school, critical legal theory, feminist school, law and economic school and natural law shcool.

    I need to choose one and then define:

    What it is?


    Why it is important in current times?

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    Hi. I provide the following to assist you. Thank you for choosing me as your OTA. I know that you had suggested the law and economic school, but the one that is easier to understand, in my opinion, and the easiest to apply to current times is the feminist school. Therefore, I have provided that point of view.

    The feminist school of law is important in women's history. The feminist school of law has developed into two legal theories. First, feminist jurisprudence attempts to explain ways in which the law has played a role in women's status. Second, it is dedicating to changing women's status through attempts to change the law and its approach to gender.

    There are four primary approaches to feminist jurisprudence; the liberal equality model; the sexual difference model;
    the dominance model; and the postmodern or anti-essentialist model.

    The liberal equality model embraces liberal values and rights. This thought places a focus on ensuring that women are treated equally and attempts to achieve this by more liberal values to women's experiences.

    The sexual difference model emphasizes the significance of gender differences and believes that these differences should not be obscured by the law, but should be taken into account by it.

    The dominance model does not believe in liberal feminism and views the legal system as a means for perpetuating what is seen as male dominance. This male dominance theory can be seen in many prior court cases. Only ...

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