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Quine's epistemology vs. religion essay

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I need some help/insight for this question, about 150 words.

In the study of the origins of knowledge, belief and the nature of learning "Why not settle for Psychology" (Quine, 1969: 75). Should neuroscience replace epistemology?

W.V. Quine (1969) Ontological Relativity and Other Essays NY: ColumbiaUniversity Press

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Neuroscience vs. Epistemology

In Quine (1969), we find a debate about the emic and etic nature of the exploration of knowledge and cognition. To study psychology is to delve into cognition from a socio-psychological perspective while to study the human mind via the neuroscience pathway is to go into ...

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The solution discusses the question - 'Should neuroscience replace epistemology?' as proposed in the work of Quine (see above). References are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version is also attached.