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    Personal Philosophy Example (Incl. 5 Branches)

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    Describe your philosophy, including the branches of philosophy we have discussed this semester: metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of religion, political, and aesthetic. Be sure to include your approach to ethics, politics, epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.

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    Below is a description of my personal philosophical thinking with regarding the five major branches of philosophy and others you mentioned in your post. I hope that this will provide you with an example that allows you to create your own personal philosophy for your class.
    Ethics: I believe in a clear dichotomy of right and wrong. Although these two areas can be quite complicated or seemingly grey as they are directly connected to individual circumstances. I believe in a harmony if interests and that ethical decisions should be linked to the desire to give what is necessary for the greater cause of humanity. While many of my own ethical beliefs are grounded in the Bible, I hold firm that each person must choose what is right or wrong with consideration to the unique circumstances of the situation ...

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    This solution provides an example of a personal philosophy statement, with particular regards to five major branches of philosophy: metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, religion, and aesthetics.