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    Business Ethics: Propose New Hiring Practices for the Company to Follow

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    Read the case study (BELOW) about Julie. Based on the issues described in this case, propose new hiring practices for the company to follow. In your proposal, be sure to address the legal and ethical issues involved in discrimination and affirmative action policies.

    Please list references.

    Julie works in the human resources department of a family-owned business that manufactures specialty parts for bicycles. Business has been looking to hire more assembly line employees. Julie's close friend Bandu has been out of work and looking for a job. Julie suggests that Bandu complete an online employment application with her company. " I know the owner and can put in a good word for you," she tells him. When Bandu's application comes through, Julie checks it over and sends it to the it to the owner for final approval. The next day it is returned to her marked "Rejected." When Julie asks why, the owner seems uneasy. "What I'm about to tell you is confidential," he warns her. "This is a small company. We seem to be more comfortable and productive when we don't have too much diversity. That's been our policy in the past, and I don't see any point in changing things now"

    Although he has lived in America for several years, Bandu was born in India. Julie knows that he is talented, smart, and hard-working. She enjoys her job and makes good money, but she is angry at the owner for discriminating against Bandu and is embarrassed that she has to tell her friend that he will not be hired. As Julie looks around the company, it dawns on her that there aren't many emploees who are members of a racial or ethnic minority group. She wonders whether she should quit her job in protest, report this fact to someone, or keep her mouth shut and try to help Bandu find a different job.

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    Business and Legal Issues in Employee Selection

    According to me, Julie should continue with the same job and try to change the hiring policies of the company and thinking of her boss. The owner of the company believes that to be comfortable and productive, there is no need to increase workforce diversity (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Workforce diversity is the extent of differences and similarities in characteristics such as age, ethnic group, and physical abilities among the employees of organization. The owner of the company should accept the fact that the workforce diversity enhances the production and the performance of the employees. The company needs diversity to become more creative and open to change (Ashkanasy, 2001).

    I would try to make the owner of the company understand that diversity is imperative for both the associates as well as the employers of the company. If there is diverse group of people, the productivity in the company can be increased. It also helps to increase marketing opportunities, recruitments, creativity and business image (Flagg, 2002). If the company has diverse workforce, there can be more ideas and different perceptions, which will lead to more innovations and creativity. Diversity is important for the success of a company when flexibility and creativity are keys to competitiveness (Furst, ...

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