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Multicultural Psychology

What are some ways diversity can add value to individuals and organizations?

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As I understand your question, you are asking about the value of individuals and organizations understanding issues of diversity. From this perspective, there are important ways that diversity adds value to organizations and individuasl. For instance, different theoretical approaches have major limitations when applied to certain populations, because Western society is becoming increasingly diverse. On this basis, the APA (2002) has encouraged psychologists to employ the constructs of multiculturalism and diversity in psychological education. They are also encouraged to apply appropriate skills in clinical and applied psychological practices when working with individual populations. Further, they are encouraged to use organizational change processes to support culturally-informed organization policy development and practices.

According to Shore, Chung-Herrera, Dean, Ehrhart, Jung, & Randel (2009) some theories ...

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This solution discusses the value of individuals and organizations relative to issues of diversity.