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Multicultural psychology

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Do you think that diversity within the field of psychology should be considered a strength or weakness of the discipline? Explain your answer.

References please.

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Diversity, in any area of life including psychology, is a strength mainly because it exposes people to different types of people, which allows one to overcome biases, prejudices, discrimination, etc... Partly for this reason, psychology tries to approach life from a multicultural perspective instead of the traditional cross-cultural approach. In the past, "theories and research in psychology traditionally have been assumed to be universal-one size fits all" Hall, 2010, p. 3). Multicultural research, on the other hand, realizes that not all cultures are the same, and that applying traditional ...

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Multicultural psychology is clearly explored. A reference is also provided to further validate the findings.

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Provide a rational for the establishment of multicultural psychology as a sub-specialty of psychology.

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