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    Multicultural psychology and trends supporting lack of bias

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    What is Multicultural Psychology? What are some trends changing demographics that suggest the need for multicultural psychology?

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    "Multicultural psychology is the study of multiple cultures within a single context" (Hall, 2010, p. 8). America is an example of a large, single context in which multiple cultures coexist. A person's place of employment and neighborhood are other important contexts in which multiple cultures may coexist, however, in America neighborhoods are often segregated according to culture, race, and ethnicity, and people may only choose employment in which only that particular race, culture, and ethnicity exist. Hall (2010, p. 18) mentions that here in America these segregated societies exist, such as "Little Tokyo, Little Saigon, and Little Italy" in which these minorities maintain their country of origin cultures, and in which they are not concerned with assimilating into the mainstream Caucasian culture. Although ...

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    This solution explains the difficult, complicated term of multicultural psychology. It mentions assimilation vs. acculturation and segregation. It also looks at how changing demographic trends are affecting the "melting pot" of America, and how Caucasians of European descent are rapidly becoming a minority here as they have in other "European" countries.