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    Comparing Dura-europos and Santa Sabina

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    Compare the following: (1) restored cutaway view of the Christian community house from Dura-Europos and (2) the interior of Santa Sabina, Rome. How have their interior spaces changed in function?

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    The Dura-Europos site is described and commented upon at this scholarly site: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/syria/dura-europos

    The one in Rome is described and commented upon at this site: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/italy/rome-santa-sabina

    The two buildings were strikingly different in construction because they were intended originally for quite different purposes. The one at Dura-Europos was originally intended to be a private residence, a home, not a church. It was changed to become a church. The changes that were made to it became traditional, and many of its ...

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    Comparison of Dura-europos and Santa Sabina, for structure and purpose, which reflects the changes in the Christian church, both in organization and in function.