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    Can you explain how could the information obtained from the spiritual life review be used to support older adults when working with them in the human services field?

    Please see attached article.

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    Let's take a closer look at how the spiritual life review can help a professional support an older adult by gleaning some of the ideas from the Lewis article attached.


    In the article, spirituality "has been defined as one way through which individuals seek meaning and purpose in life" (Reed, 1991), similar to the way that individuals seek meaning and identity in different stages of development (Erikson, 1963, 1997). According to Lewis, whether the therapist is spiritual or nonspiritual, akin to issues of race/ethnicity and gender, explicit discussion of spirituality at the beginning of therapy support the older adults by:

    ?Building the therapeutic relationship, facilitating trust, and building therapist credibility (Richards & Bergin, 1997).

    ?Increasing service utilization with appropriate and efficacious counseling interventions. One such intervention found useful with older adults is the life review technique.

    ?Providing s an avenue for the older adult to explore spiritual aspects of life through talking about part and present experiences

    ?Helping the older client find integrity, the final task described by Erikson (1963), Erikson (1997) labeled the last development crisis in older adulthood as "integrity vs. despair" (p. 61), with the task for the older adult to develop "a sense of coherence and wholeness" (p. 65), or integrity.

    ?Bringing unresolved past conflicts into the present for resolution, and helping the older adult move from despair to integrity.

    ?Helping "clients reach a sense of ...

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    Explains how the information could be obtained from the spiritual life review by Lewis (2001) that is atached that could tbe used to support older adults when working with them in the human services field.