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    spiritual assessement tools for children

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    Assessment tools should be developed to facilitate detailed assessment of children's spiritual needs. Professionals need to listen to and communicate with children at different stages of development if spiritual distress is to be identified. Familiesâ?? health care beliefs should be respected and considered when planning care. What tool would you use to assess children? Explain why and provide rationale.

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    To effectively address a family's health care beliefs and understand how such belief's relate to the child within a family, assessment tools designed to communicate a child's spirituality at his or her particular stage of development should be utilized. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization has recommended that spirituality assessment become a facet of overall patient assessment. However, few health care organizations have been able to define spirituality, much less develop an appropriate assessment.

    Many health care providers embrace this recommendation, as they believe that "helping to address psychological, emotional and mental wounds often intertwine with ...

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    Guidance for locating spiritual assessement tools for children is provided.