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    cultural nursing standards

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    This solution comments on strategies that could be implemented where cultural nursing standards are not being met.

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    Nursing and culture
    Comment on solutions that could be implemented where cultural nursing standards are not being met

    When looking at cultural disparities, it is easy to focus on certain common areas such

    as a language or racial barrier but other cultural challenges are prolific in many parts of

    society. Religious beliefs are very important to patients seeking care and must be

    respected. The religious leader should be sought for any patient who asks for their

    assistance. It is important for injured, sick and hospitalized people to be asked their

    religious preference and if they want their leader called to come. There are patients who

    will request a physician or provider who is female if they are a female. It is important to

    ask. Many religious beliefs have dietary observances and unless a healthcare

    professional does not ask for this information, the patient will not feel the ...

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    This solution addresses progress and setbacks in cultural nursing standards. References are also provided to justify the assertions.