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    Healing Hospital

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    (1) Explain the paradigm of the Healing Hospital.

    (2) Consider the ramifications and challenges of this paradigm, given the many spiritual perspectives of caregivers and patients.

    (3) Evaluate the reasonableness of such a paradigm. Specifically answer the question: How reasonable is this philosophy of care giving?

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    (1) Explain the paradigm of the Healing Hospital.

    The Healing Hospital paradigm includes three main elements:

    1. A healing physical environment
    2. The integration of work design and technology
    3. A culture of Radical Loving Care (Eberst, n.d.)

    For a healing physical environment, the Healing Hospital often conjoined aesthetics with improved performance. It takes into consideration not only how to care for patients, but also how employees, as caregivers, would engage with families. The workers learn that providing a loving, compassionate aesthetically pleasing environment promotes healing. True healing environments are constructed in ways that help patients and families cope with the stresses of illness. For a hospital to promote healing, it needs to provide a quiet environment that allows patients to sleep e.g. carpeted floors, silencer on floor cleaners, etc. Patients' bodies perform the most repair during sleep, where cells regenerate faster during sleep (Eberst, n.d.).

    Second, a Healing Hospital is the integration of work design and technology to find was to enable staff to work more efficiently, to provide additional privacy and security for patients and to use technology to promote the healing environment. For example, at Mercy Gilbert, it was specially designed:

    "...with a separate, "back of house" bank of elevators for staff to navigate through the hospital and for patient transfers, providing privacy and security. A patient on his way to radiology, for example, is free from worry that he will run into a neighbor in the elevator. Patients deserve the dignity of preserving their privacy during what is often a stressful time. Technologically advanced equipment allows...the very best in healthcare services, but also to expedite processes and results. Patients...can take advantage of the latest digital technology in ...

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