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    Christian Spirituality in Health Care

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    Discuss: What does the Bible say about caring for the sick? How do the roles of the various team members within the Healing Hospital blueprint address caring for the sick from a biblical standpoint?

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    The author of the gospel of Luke was a doctor and Jesus himself is described as a "Great Physician". Jesus healed numerous people in the miracles of the gospels. Many times we read how he was moved with compassion because of their plight both physically and spiritually. He wept at the sadness during the funeral for Lazarus. He told his disciples that just as a doctor does not come for the healthy, but for the sick, he too had come to earth to meet the needs of those who understood their need for healing (Mark 8:2 / Luke 13:16 / Luke 9:2 / Matthew 25:36).

    The believers in the early Church were noted for their care of the sick. They opposed abortion, killing, the abandoning of infants, and the ostracizing of lepers and other sick people. In a Roman world that was steeped in excess Christian compassion toward the sick, this stood out as an amazing oddity. Contrast the following two ...

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    This solution addresses two things. First this solution takes a look at what the Bible says about caring for the sick? Secondly, this solution considers the Healing Hospital and tries to identify how it compares to the Biblical standard. This solution is comprised of over 450 words of original text along with numerous resources for further research.