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The Relationship Between Atheism and Communism

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What is the paradoxical relationship between atheism and communism? Again, communim is a very important political philosphy to understand not only because of it's historical power but because huge swaths of the world (China, for example) live under it's rule. Why did we fight a "cold war" against this type of regime? What is it about? And, most of all, why do atheism and communism go together? Is there a nescessary logical link?

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This 1000+ word solution describes the relationship between atheism and communism and answers the following questions: Why does communism, as a political philosophy, adopt atheism as its official position on religion? Why does communism want to control religious beliefs and practices? Given communist ideology, what are the historical reasons for the "Cold War?" Is there a necessary, logical link between communism and atheism?

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The Relationship between Atheism and Communism

The relationship between atheism and communism may or may not be considered paradoxical depending upon one's interpretation. There are a number of factors to consider. For instance, while it is true that huge swaths of the world, like Russia and China are controlled by communist ideology, and while it is true that communism has been a powerful political force and as extremely historically significant for the 20th century, the movement or political philosophy called communism is not as monolithic as it may first appear. What do I mean by that? If we looked at the two regimes Stalin in Russia and Mao in China, we will see that both espouse a communist political philosophy, however, the two regimes could not be considered as allies in the sense of having the same political and military goals on a global basis. Both regimes were totalitarian and were focused on increasing their own political and military power and control over global events. If totalitarian communist regimes have conflicting interests they will battle with one another, and the alliances they did form for instance in World War II, were based on the expedient circumstances.

It is important to understand that communism use and interpretation of history and historical dynamics between demographic groups of people or economic classes, and it is a political philosophy that does not necessarily lead to a totalitarian regime with the military purpose of taking over the world, to put it in basic terms. ...

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