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Religion and the First Amendment

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Discuss the place that the First Amendment plays in shaping the perspective of religion in America. Specifically address what the First Amendment is/means, and how that affects the American religious culture, and specifically in relation to previous state sponsored religions. And discuss the Second Great Awakening: What was it? How did it impact American Religious expression and America as a country?

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(a) Discuss the place that the first amendment plays a role in shaping the perspective of religion. Specifically address what the first amendment means, and how it affects the religious culture - previous state-sponsored religions.

Religious movements that began the First Great Awakening originated with an emphasis on pietism that was aimed at both believers and non-believers. It was an awakening of a revival movement that took shape in England and America and expressed in many forms and practices. The first amendment relied heavily on religious freedom being exercised. Wnick (1997) asserts that the constitutional protection for the free exercise of religion was guaranteed under the First Amendment. The guarantee of religious freedom and the provision of support for the right to refuse treatment for religious purposes were fundamental tenets of the free exercise clause. The exercise clause detailed the following provisions: (a) provided religious freedom, (b) emphasized the fundamental principle of voluntarism, (c) expanded religious ...

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This solution discusses the role of religion in American inherent in the First Amerndment