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    Another Take on the Creationism/Evolution Debate

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    Should creationism and evolution be left out of curriculum at the public school level. Even though we have had issues in the past when linking them to religious beliefs should we still discuss the topic and remain open minded or keep it out of our studies completely?

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    This topic, and your questions raise a very controversial issue. That being said, I am a scientist and teacher, so in my opinion there is only one correct answer. Please note that I am giving you my opinion (which happens to be supported by the entire scientific community and a lot of the religious community).

    To start, creationism is not a science. It is a belief. God did it. It cannot be proven, nor can there ever be any evidence that support it. It cannot be tested. Considering the number of different ideas about "Gods" that have existed over time, it is impossible to narrow this part down to just one belief as well. The judge in the Dover, DE case back in 2005 basically said that God has no place in the public school classroom and therefore creationism (and its more recent cousin ...

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    This answer responds to a question asking if creationism and evolution should both be taught in the science classroom. It discusses the fact that creationism is NOT science and that only evolution should be taught in public school.