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    Positive Psychology: Description, Critique, and Research

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    1.) A description of the field of positive psychology.

    2.) Give a critique of positive psychology.

    3.) What does the research suggest on the value of this developing field.

    4.) How you would apply what you have learned about positive psychology to enhance your happiness and positive outlook on life?

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    Positive Psychology: Description and Critique

    Within the field of general psychology, the positive psychology movement has thus far had a major influence as a result of its academic proponents, its incorporation within other established psychology movements, and its timing of development and popularity. Even though humanistic psychology emerged quickly in response to the schools of thought of behaviorism and psychoanalysis, it was initially popular but then quickly faded for several reasons (Schultz & Schultz, 2008). Support from academic researchers within the psychology field did not exist and publications of the movement are difficult to locate. In addition, the humanistic movement had a less influential impact upon the psychology field as a result of the time of its development within history (Park & Brunwasser, 2010).

    On the other hand, positive psychology is still of interest and being studied. Its development has come at a time in our world where individuals are searching for positive attributes in themselves, others, and life in general. This movement has also been incorporated into other areas within the field of psychology, such as cognitive therapy and clinical practice. Positive psychology is included within treatment plans of clients and is used within group and community settings as well, especially within the workplace (Higgs, 2010). This movement came about not as a result of protesting other movements within the field such as humanistic psychology did, but can be regarded as a supplemental and society driven movement focusing upon the thoughts and feelings of individuals. Since it is supported within academics amongst universities, positive psychology will have a longer lasting and more influential experience upon the field of psychology than Humanism. This movement is important for it ...

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    This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of positive psychology with a detailed description of the field, a critique of the field, what research suggests about this developing field. Supplemented with examples of how an individual would apply what the have learned about positive psychology to chance their outlook on life and more than 400 words of text, this step-by-step explanation of this developing topic and field provides students with a clear perspective of positive psychology.