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    Barrier Affecting the Adult Learning Process

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    How do situational, dispositional, and institutional barrier affect adult learning process?

    This deal with adult education training. I need reference to where this information comes from.

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    Situational barriers arise from a person's life in general. The situation could be family, career, financial or money, lack of transportation, or cost of education. These situations can put a great deal of stress on an adult learner. It may be difficult to work full time and attend school. The student may be forced to financially pay for their adult education. For some, there can be family difficulties, especially for single parent households with small children. In these instances, it may be difficult for the parent to find childcare for their children while they attend classes, and in some cases, physically getting to class can be an obstacle in itself (1).

    Dispositional barriers can arise from the adult student not ...

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    The expert discusses how situational, institutional and dispositional barriers and how they can affect the learning processes in adults.